Adjectives starting with

Adjectives that start with a b
abandoned  empty
aberrant  not typical
abhorrent  repugnant
abiding  enduring
abject  miserable
ablaze  on fire
able  in position to do something
abler  in position to do something
abnormal  unusual
aboriginal  indigenous
abortive  unsuccessful
abounding  be plentiful
above  in previous place in writing
aboveground  above the surface
abrasive  using friction
abrupt  sudden
absent  not present
absolute  adds emphasis
absorbed  take something up or in
absorbing  take something up or in
abstract  not concrete
absurd  ludicrous
abundant  plentiful
abusive  insulting
abysmal  horrible
Adjectives that start with a c
academic  educational
accentual  of accent
acceptable  adequate
accepted  take something offered
accepting  take something offered
accessible  easily reached
accidental  chance
accomplished  talented
accountable  responsible
accurate  correct
acid  having acidic properties
acidic  sour-tasting
acidulous  sour-tasting
acoustic  of sound
acoustical  of sound
acrid  unpleasantly pungent
active  moving about
actual  real
actuarial  relating to calculation of risk
acute  very great or bad

Adjectives that start with a d
adamant  set in opinion
adaptable  changing easily
added  additional
addicted  dependent
additional  extra
adept  skillful
adequate  enough
adherent  sticky
adhesive  sticky
adjacent  neighboring
adjoining  continguous
administrative  of administration
admirable  excellent
admissible  allowable
adolescent  experiencing adolescence
adorable  very pleasing
adrenal  on kidneys
adroit  skillful
adult  completely grown
adulterous  relating to adultery
advance  ahead of time
advanced  latest
advantageous  giving advantage
adventitious  from outside
adventurous  daring
adverbial  relating to adverb
adverse  unfavorable
advisable  worth doing
advisory  giving advice

Adjectives that start with a e
aerial  involving aircraft
aerobic  needing oxygen
aerodynamic  designed to reduce air resistance
aeronautical  of aircraft
aesthetic  beautiful
Adjectives that start with a f
affable  easygoing
affectionate  loving
afferent  bringing something toward body part
affirmative  true
affluent  wealthy
afire  ablaze
aflame  ablaze
aforementioned  mentioned earlier
aforesaid  named earlier
afraid  frightened
african  of Africa
aft  at back of craft
Adjectives that start with a g
ageless  not becoming older
aggregate  forming whole
aggressive  likely to attack
aghast  horrified
agile  nimble
agleam  gleaming
agonizing  very painful
agrarian  pro-farmer
agreeable  pleasing
agreed  determined by consensus
agricultural  of agriculture
Adjectives that start with a h
ahead  in front
Adjectives that start with a i
aimless  without purpose
airborne  carried by air
airless  with stale air
airy  roomy
Adjectives that start with a j
ajar  partially open
Adjectives that start with a k
akin  similar
Adjectives that start with a l
alcoholic  containing alcohol
alert  watchful
algebraic  relating to algebra
alien  strange
alight  full of energy
alike  similar
alive  living
alkaline  being or containing alkali
alleged  presumed
allegoric  using allegory
allegorical  using allegory
allergic  having allergy
allied  joined with others in alliance
alluring  attractive and fascinating
alone  without company
aloof  remote in manner
alphabetic  in order of alphabet letters
alphabetical  in order of alphabet letters
alright  pleasant
alternate  arranged in alternating pattern
alternative  mutually exclusive
alveolar  relating to air sac in lung
Adjectives that start with a m
amateur  being amateur
amateurish  unskillful or unskillfully done
amatory  associated with love
amazing  causing amazement
ambidextrous  using each hand well
ambiguous  having more than one meaning
ambitious  having strong desire for success
ambivalent  unsure
ambulatory  relating to walking
amenable  willing to cooperate
american  of United States
amiable  friendly and pleasant
amiss  wrong
amicable  friendly
amoral  outside scope of morality
amorous  expressing or feeling love
amorphous  without shape
amphibious  living on land and in water
ample  more than enough
amuck  out of control
amused  make somebody laugh
amusing  make somebody laugh
Adjectives that start with a n
anaerobic  not needing oxygen
analeptic  stimulant
analogous  similar
analytic  of analysis
anarchic  lawless
anarchical  chaotic
anatomic  relating to physical structure
anatomical  relating to physical structure
ancestral  of previous generations
ancient  old
ancillary  subordinate
andean  of Andes
anecdotal  based on anecdotes or hearsay
anemic  having anemia
angelic  beautiful and well-behaved
anglican  of Anglican Church
angriest  feeling very annoyed
angry  feeling very annoyed
angular  sharply defined
anhydrous  with no water
animate  physically alive
animated  physically alive
annoying  causing irritation
annual  once a year
anomalous  irregular
anomic  unstable because of moral breakdown
anonymous  unnamed
answerable  accountable
antagonistic  hostile
anterior  in front
anthropological  of study of humankind
antic  strange
anticipatory  in expectation of something
antiquarian  in antiques business
antiquated  ancient or old-fashioned
antique  made long ago
antiseptic  controlling infection
antisocial  not sociable
antithetical  diametrically opposed
antithyroid  diminishing thyroid activity
antitrust  opposing business monopoly
anxious  feeling nervous
Adjectives that start with a p
apathetic  indifferent and unenergetic
apocalyptic  predicting disaster
apocryphal  not true or not authentic
apologetic  expressing apology
apostolic  relating to pope
appalling  dreadful and shocking
apparent  clear
appealing  pleasing
appetizing  stimulating appetite
applicable  relevant
appreciable  noticeable
appreciative  grateful or approving
approachable  invitingly friendly
appropriate  fitting
approximate  nearly exact
apropos  just right
apt  very appropriate
Adjectives that start with a q
aquatic  of water
aqueous  watery
Adjectives that start with a r
arabian  of Arabia
arabic  of Arabia
arable  suitable for growing crops
arbitrary  based on whim
arboreal  living in trees
arcaded  of video games
archaeological  of or for archaeology
archaic  outmoded
archeological  of or for archaeology
architectonic  of architecture or architectural qualities
arctic  very cold
ardent  passionate
arduous  difficult and tiring
argive  Greek
arid  with low rainfall
aristocratic  characteristic of established wealth or nobility
aristotelian  relating to Aristotle
arithmetical  relating to arithmetic
armed  equipped with weapon
aromatic  having fragrant smell
aromatick  having fragrant smell
arresting  striking
arrogant  proudly contemptuous
arterial  of arteries
artful  cunning
articulate  eloquent
artificial  made by humans
artistic  good at art
artless  without deception
arty  affectedly artistic
Adjectives that start with a s
aseptic  without disease-causing microorganisms
ashamed  full of shame
ashen  very pale
asian  of Asia
asiatic  from Asia
asinine  ridiculous
asleep  not awake
asocial  unwilling to mix socially
assertive  acting confidently
assistant  helping
associate  allied
associated  connected
assorted  various
astonishing  amaze somebody greatly
astounding  surprise somebody greatly
astral  relating to stars
astringent  sharp and acidic in tone
astronomical  relating to astronomy
astute  clever and perceptive
asymmetric  not symmetrical
Adjectives that start with a t
atavistic  relating to genetic reappearance
atheistic  of atheists or atheism
athletic  of athletes or athletics
atlantic  of Atlantic Ocean
atmospheric  relating to atmosphere
atomic  based on nuclear energy
atrophic  of atrophy
attendant  occurring along with something
attentive  paying attention
attractive  good-looking
atypical  not typical
Adjectives that start with a u
auburn  reddish brown
audible  capable of being heard
august  dignified and splendid
augustan  of Augustus or his time
aural  of hearing or sound
auspicious  promising well for future
austere  suggesting physical hardship
australian  of Australia
authentic  not false or copied
authoritarian  strict and demanding obedience
authoritative  reliable
autistic  affected with or caused by autism
automatic  starting or functioning by itself
automotive  of motor vehicles
autonomic  controlled by automatic responses
autonomous  self-governing
auxiliary  giving support
Adjectives that start with a v
available  able to be gotten
avaricious  greedy for wealth
average  typical
avid  keen
Adjectives that start with a w
awake  not asleep
aware  knowing something
awash  covered in water
awesome  impressive and frightening
awful  extremely bad
awkward  embarrassing
awry  crooked
Adjectives that start with a x
axial  of axis
axiomatic  self-evident
Adjectives that start with a z
azure  sky blue color
Adjectives starting with